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from our graduates !




I got my certificate yesterday--on time-and took it immediately to the Court myself.

Thank you again, for being so timely, and at the very last min.

I wouldn't have made it without you and your school.

These are HIGH marks rated for the way you handle things, and follow up also. Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Paula Bingston


  I greatly appreciate the time you spent confirming my ticket processing and dismissal.

Thank you,

  BW G



Your online Traffic School was excellent. The cost was reasonable, the information was thorough, the instructions were clear, the quizzes were helpful, the responses and service were timely. Thank you!

I also want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my particular case before I attended your school. I pleaded innocent and my plea was denied, and your comments were very helpful regarding understanding San Diego policy.

Many thanks!

Mali B


Thank you so much for e-mailing us in regards to the notification sent to the Court in L.B. 
There is an attached copy of the original certification. 
I was unable to download it for printing.  Could you please mail it to us instead.  
I won't be back on the computer for another 2 weeks.  Thank you so much.

Brian D


I am so amazed by the graphics, I never saw the law in prictures before!
The course was easy and even fun, thanks so much.

Mary J.


The tech support was so helpful, I was glad I chose this school. I did not find
the Notary Public too inconvenient, and I can understand why the courts wanted it done.

Much appreciation,

Howard F.


I want to just thank you for your online class and
have really enjoyed it so far. As weird as it may
sound that I actually enjoyed traffic school. The
process have been straightforward and easy and I will
be sure to spread the word about your website.
Thanks again for everything. I'm trying to finish
before the year ends.
Have a Happy New Year!


thank you so much i was nervous at first to do anything using my visa on the internet but i am happy i did it
thanks again susan



Thanks so much for the prompt handling of my traffic school
exam. I very much appreciated how well your organization
handled the entire transaction from start to finish ...
you've got a real customer-service focus!

I actually enjoyed doing the exam and using the workbook. I
didn't think I would ever say that but I did! You've done a
good job of making the learning a fun and interesting

Best regards -


At first I was a little worried about doing this on line.  But with your help and website it was really easy.  I hope not to get another ticket, but if I do I will be visiting your school website again.  Thank you for making this process smooth.
Tamara  (satisfied student)


Good Morning and thank you for your help you made this experience painless I just faxed over the notarized answer sheet and was wondering since I paid for the overnight service does that mean I will be recieving it on Saturday? or Monday? Please advice so I can provide the proper mailing address, once again thank you for all your help. I will definetly recommend this school.


Thanks for making the experience pleasant as well as educational.  There were answers I remembered from Driver's Training some 35 years ago, as well as several new laws that I wasn't aware of.


I appreciate your prompt response to all questions asked.  I will be happy to recommend your course to others in need.




Thank you all for making it easy and hassel free to complete your driving school Tom J


The address is correct. Thank you for being thorough. I would definitely refer your class for those friends of mine, unfortunate enough to have the misfortune of getting a ticket. The self-paced class was much better than sitting all day in a classroom, surrounded by people who may not realize how fortunate they are to qualify for the class.



Thank you again for making this an informative and painless process.

Best Regards ,
Sutter Creek , CA


Great, thank you very much for the prompt response.



Just a quick note to let you know using your website was incredibly easy.  The whole process and follow on your part was phenomenal so I just wanted to thank you for your customer service.

Thank you again and have a great week!    Steve


Being that this is my first time using the on-line traffic school, I didn't know quite what to expect. I dropping a line to let you know how satisfied I am with your service. I really didn't expect to get this much assistance from your company. “Less Stress” is right!

Thanks and much continued success,  Doug

Comments—I hope you find them helpful for the future:

The information in the course was very good, and for that I would recommend the course 


I have to tell you your school is just great.  The only negative comment I would have is finding a very few misspellings/typos in the text, nothing of any consequence.  It was very straightforward and all that was necessary was a bit of time and concentration.  It feels so good to have it completed.  Also, you responded very quickly when I had a problem with the size of my screen resolution, and I really appreciated that.  Your instructions were easy to follow.

Thanks, and I just hope I won't need your services again, if I can just keep my foot a bit lighter on the gas pedal!!



Here is the reason for my email...  I did complete the on-line evaluation and I meant everything I said, which is that I did learn quite a bit from your instruction.  I feel the refresher course is making me a safer driver today.  I pay more attention to signs and to my driving habits.  Last year I had the pleasure of going through a sobriety check point on my way home.  I was not drinking and after complying with the officer's finger pointing test I was on my merry way.  That experience burned an impression in my mind that has never gone away.  Your course also helped to solidify my desire to never drink and drive.  

I have a teenage daughter who is starting the drivers education process.  Your course has made me more aware of what I must teach her as she learns to drive and takes to our congested streets.

In addition to my accolades, I will reiterate that you do have some typographical errors spaced throughout the on-line course.  I also think the graphics can be spruced up a bit.  

I can't say this has been a pleasure, but it has been a valuable learning experience. Thanks for making it as least painful as possible.



Aside from the annoyance at getting a ticket in the first place and then all the encumbrances that went with resolving the issue, I was pleased with the service your business provided.  I especially liked the instant notifications by email at each step along the process.  You delivered as promised.  Thanks.  JIM 

Thank you very much.  I will definitely recommend your course and customer service!

I received the duplicate certificate in time to over-night it to the court.  I still have never seen the original one.  Thank you for promptly responding to my request.  I have been very satisfied with your course and my recent request.  I will not hesitate to recommend your course to friends and coworkers, I found it very appropriate to my needs.  Thank you again for a job well done. 




Just wanted to say "Thank You" it got posted yesterday for my traffic ticket.   I appreciate all your help.





Your communication is terrific - I really appreciate it and will refer you when ever possible,



Do I need to do anything else on my end?

Again, you're awesome.  Thanks for everything.



Thank you for assisting me all the way through the study and tests.  Your promptness for sumbitting the certificate to the court is greatly appreciated.



Thanks !!!  Sure appreciate your quick response and   must have misinterpreted some questions in my haste to get the job completed and sent to the court.  The course has made me   become more aware of certain things in my daily driving. Thanks again for your help. 




Thank you sooooooooooo much.  At first I didn't think I could do this on line but it turned out I could & it wasn't difficult at all. The course was stress free.  I'd recommend it to anyone. 


Thanks for your prompt response. Your WEB site is probably on of the best
perhaps the best. While going thorugh with the info. I'm, learining and at
the same time haaving fun.

Sincerely ,


ll finished!!  Thanks again for all your help!  It was very interesting and informative. 

Anyways, I forgot to include in the Survey that there might have been a slight glitch again.  Even though I did pass, I went back to check my wrong answers.  I found that on Question #38 (on my test) the original answer was correct, but it was marked   incorrect .  Again, no big deal, but you might want to check it out

Can't complain too much - after all, I did pass! 

Thanks again "Satisfied Customer"  Ella


Thank you for the opportunity to learn so much about safe driving.   I have been driving since I was 15 yrs old.  I am 55 now.  I always considered myself to be a good driver, always following the regulations, but sometimes we do this without reflecting on what we are doing.  Now, thanks to you, I drive safely COMPLETELY AWARE of doing it.   I will recommend you to everyone I know, specially to those who are interested in acquiring a driving license.  They should first attend you Traffic School.  It would make new drivers much safer, for themselves and for others. 
Thanks again.   Maria


Thanks for making it easy becooltrafficschool



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